Join me here in explorations of the places and people who inspire my passion for interiors. I’m always on the hunt for outstanding design, ancient, modern, natural and crafted.

London Design Week 2018
This week was London Design festival and I had a packed agenda as I tried to get around as many of the exhibits as humanly possible. Certain areas of London really do come alive with all things design and it’s a great opportunity to get a sweeping overview of new products and trends...
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A weekend on the tiles...
Have you ever arrived in a European City, ready to go, but wondering where to start and wishing you had read the relevant guidebook in advance? Last week I was tempted to tack on two days in Portugal’s capital, Lisbon, before heading south to the beaches.
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A weaver’s tale...
In these uncertain economic times, it’s inspirational to come across a man like Roger Oates. His quiet passion for weaving became a thriving business. He’s spent the last forty years making a living doing what he most loves. This month he came to the Fashion and Textile Museum in London to talk with Giles Kime, Interiors Editor of Country Life and I went along.
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